Not a Honda

Check out some pics from a local city car show.IMG_5526 IMG_5530 IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5533 IMG_5534 IMG_5535 IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5538  IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5543 IMG_5546 IMG_5547 IMG_5548 IMG_5549 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5555 IMG_5556 IMG_5557 IMG_5559 IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5570 IMG_5571 IMG_5572 IMG_5573


Parts Game

Ive been tossing the idea around of selling aftrmarket and JDM parts at my job.As of right now we only sell engines. It seems like a very ruthless business to be in., racing, NRG, & BW racing are some compaines and products I like to sell/distrubute.



Got a few goodies for the hatch a  Kenwood Head Unit  will defiantly make my daily commute better. Also cant go wrong with the classic “blue” NGK spark plug wires, didn’t really notice any difference performance wise besides the car just running a lot smoother at idle & what not.