B&M Short Shifter

So my shifter was pretty lose & wobbly, Ive been kinda broke lately so I had to consider price as a factor. After lots of research I decided on the B&M short shifter. Ordered off of amazon received shortly after. I must say I was impressed with its quality. My previous shifter was an eBay special. The key to a tight feeling shifter in a Honda like mine seems to be all the rubber pieces in the actual shift linkage. Lucky enough I happen to work at a JDM importer and was able to acquire the stock rubber pieces I needed. A couple months back I install an energy suspension shift bushing kit.This helped a little then, but combined with the B&M shifter, plus the O.E.M rubbers, shifting was tighter and smoother then ever before.


A rolling shot of the hatch on the test drive to close things out.


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