Mr Clean

So after 10+ years in the Honda game, Ive defiantly acquired my own taste and styles.

From body kits to ultra JDM themed  builds, a fresh clean look never goes out of style.

Here is a few pics of what Im talking about.

SAM_0739 SAM_0740

Will start off with this CRX. Nice and simple no ridiculous  stance crap over here. Sorry no offensive to the “stanced” crowd but as Ive matured in the Honda Game nothing grinds my gears then parts/mods that take away from the cars ability to preform. Hondas are slow enough.

SAM_0737 SAM_0738

Next up is this sexy as Sol. Nice classic Enkei rpf1, CF hood plus a cf Trunk a few other tasteful mods make this a one Del Sol Id love to cruise on Sunday.


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